Thursday, November 27, 2008


Dined with Cj sometime go, thanks for the fried toufu treat!

My Sashimi + Beef Yaki set. ($8.90)

Cj's set! ($8.90)

Fried Toufu!

Soft shell crabby.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Night Safari~

Had a meal at Ulu ulu(?), expensive food haha. I repeat, one plate of chicken rice cost $17?! Haha, and we actually ordered like several plates of food. The total bill was a whooping $200++++...

shared among thirteen, after further discount, because mr white's friend works there!

read my post for the halloween terror @ night safari!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HK cafe @ Bugis

Anw, it's Goodfriendz Outingz today!
Finally an outing with just goodfriend alone and w/o wearing school uniform lol. Met her and bused down to Bugis tgt, loved the fact that we stay so near each other tsk, convenient.

Initially wanted to have lunch with Goodfriend's goodfriend, Yuping, but it starting pouring real heavily :( So we couldnt travel to Bras Basah, and were stucked in BugisVillage. Settled down at the cafe on level 2, filled our tummy and meanwhile waiting for the rain to stop.

We had YuanYang again, haha realised i only order that whenever i'm at a HK cafe. Char grilled porkchop for me and Baked Rice for goodfriend! Porkie~

i had grilled porkchop while goodfriend had baked rice!
ah so sorry i didnt get the price of the food :(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nana Thai Restaurant

Headed to this Nana Thai Restaurant(Far East Plaza).
I had Beef kway teow, jm had tomyamz noodles and lm had cockles kway teow. Haha, the service is so bad.. But nvm, cos the chilli is super nice!


We each ordered desserts after our meal even though we are quite full. RedRuby, Mixed fruits, and aloevera ice. Cj could actually guessed correctly who ordered which! Of cos i had the aloevera ice!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sakura Buffet

Skipped school again, headed to town with Sihui!!! We the ponners, hahaa.

Went to feast. Sakura buffet ftw!
Three rounds. Photos of first two rounds below.
Love the desserts and cakes, especially the oreocheesecake and the marble cheesecake. Sihui lovelovelove their cakes too haha, we have sweet tooth.
Jap dessert at this outlet ain't that impressive.
Lovelove chawanmushi, i had two servings of that.



Lots of yums,
Plus catching up, random chats and hthts with this sweet friend made during PAE here, <3>Thanks girl! I love hthts. Notice how time flies, we're going to j2(hopefully) soon..
Left with a very much filled tummy..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Singapore Zamzam & Bao Luo Wan Xiang

Went out with my loves.
Late lunch at ZamZam! Gayfriend introed to me on our day out sometime ago, okay, in fact very long time ago! Haha, gayfriend my virgin trip to Hort park is still gonna be tgt with you k!

Anw, ordered Murtabak again, but this time round, i had beef and jm had the sardine one. Huyi ate chicken briyani or something.

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Yumyum, Lol three of us finished everything~ Very filling indeed, eh but a little oily.. But then again, good food good food :) I love good food! Haha.

And whats for dinner?
wanted to dine at Centrepoint. But we cant find Noodles place!! Then wanted to eat at Parkmall, but we were lazy to even cross the road over, so just ended up at Plaza Sing. Third time to PS this week.

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Went to Bao Luo Wan Xiang(Plaza singapura basement1) for dinner!
Late dinner, it was like 9plus going ten alrd.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Homemade Takoballs

These are homemade takoballs!!
Thanks Kaiqi & aunt!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fortunate Restaurant

Happy Birthday 2nd Aunt! :)

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Went to Fortunate Restaurant again to celebrate aunt's bday, and we spent a total of $420... The amt of food! Thanks Aunt and cousin zx for the treat!

Some of the yummies we had:
Oyster mushroom, Coffee Pork ribs, Prawn salad, Fried Carrot cake, CharSiew Pau, Beijing Roast Duck, Guo Tie, Har Gow, Crystal prawn dumplings, Fried toufu, Chicken feet, Roast Chicken, Roast duck, Calamari, Century egg porridge, Yam Ring(love the cashew nuts!), Claypot eggplant, Some veg~~

Charsiew pau, Carrot cake and Fried durian's my fave! The dry and mature durian pulps is coated with flour batter that does not fall off when you bite into it. wooah, i wonder how they do it.

Oh how could i forget my all time fave, tou fu! :) I was craving for the signature toufu actually, their 'house specialty' :) Well, the toufu is well fried with browned skin and a soft center. It aint normal Toufu. You can taste the filling of seafood paste as well as veggies. With the specially made sweet and sour sauce, as well as salad, this dish is almost heavenly....

However, i felt that some dishes aint as wonderful as they were compared to previous trips made. For instance, the Prawn salad. Last time, the cubed fruits were so fresh. Fresh honeydew, mango, rockmelon etc. But this time, the fruits are canned ones. Sweetened pineapple, mango and stuff..

We didnt have any desserts from there this time round :(
However, there's dessert too! Aunt's bday cake!
It's a chocolate cake from Prima Deli, no pictures though.

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The cutie pie here?
That's my niece, Charmaine!

Fortunate Restaurant
Blk 181 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh
#02-602 Singapore 310181
Opening Hours: 8am-11pm
Tel: 6363 1717 Fax: 6252 2342

have actually bean to here for many times already, do click my archives for previous trips :)